Dynamite Analytics’ Approach to AI and Cyber Security

Video Discussion with Dynamite Analytics Founder and CEO


Topics Included in this Discussion


Artificial Intelligence as it applied to Cyber Security is a loaded question. In this edited discussion, Dynamite Analytics Founder and CEO, Oleg Sinitsin discusses multiple topics including:


  • Why AI in its current state exists for human decision support
  • Why human intervention is critical and why AI is currently supplemental
  • Why data enrichment is key to build an effective system and process
  • Why AI cannot be done in a black box
  • How to tune cyber security and AI for your specific environment
  • Why you need transparency for validation and success
  • Why MITRE ATT$CK Framework® is so powerful for threat analytics
  • Why you need start narrow and then increase scope to reach cyber threat maturity faster
  • Best practices for starting to implement and AI solution

About Oleg Sinitsin

Founder and CEO of Dynamite Analytics

Oleg has been leading Dynamite Analytics (www.dynamite.ai) from its inception in 2015.  Dynamite started as R&D consulting firm focused on supporting Federal Agencies grow both their Cyber Security, Threat Detection and AI posture.  Dynamite launched a free open sourced network security monitor Dynamite-NSM in 2018 to help US Companies gain in-depth visibility into network performance and Cyber Threat behaviors.  Dynamite launched Dynamite-Pro in the late summer of 2020 and as a fully supported enterprise grade software solution for companies committed increased and more mature cybersecurity process.

Prior to Founding Dynamite Analytics, Oleg launched and exited a professional services firm, Extend Lead (XL).  XL provides professional services to corporate clients in the areas of software product development and information security. Portfolio included successful delivery of numerous advisory projects and product launches in different industries including Telecommunications, Retail and Internet Search.

Oleg has also held the position of Senior Director, Information Security at Equifax and started his career as a manager for KPMG where he executed numerous advisory projects for Fortune 500 companies including information security and compliance. His group architected solutions, managed teams of staff and maintained business stakeholder relationships across large and mid-sized organizations.