Network Traffic Analysis and Cloud Security

An OnDemand Webcast

Topics Included in this webcast:

Network traffic mirroring is a relatively new feature on major cloud platforms. As a result, Network Detection and Response (NDR) is now possible not only in on-premise environments, but also in the cloud. In this short OnDemand Webcast, Adam Pumphrey, Chief Operating Officer at Dynamite Analytics, will provide guidance on how to improve Cloud Security with NDR. This Webcast will cover the following areas:

  • Cloud security responsibilities
  • The importance of monitoring network traffic
  • Types of network traffic data
  • Overview of Zeek (Bro) and Suricata IDS
  • Dynamite capabilities for NDR

Using Network Traffic Data to Improve Cloud Security

About the Presenter

Adam Pumphrey – COO, Dynamite Analytics

Adam Pumphrey is the Chief Operating Officer at Dynamite Analytics. Adam is a seasoned SecOps team leader, technology innovator and cyber threat hunter.

Prior to joining Dynamite Analytics Adam held positions as Director of Professional Services, Security Architect, Incident Response Team Lead and Deputy Program Manager.  He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Studies from Embry Riddle in 2001.