The marketing messages of Artificial Intelligence software companies often create an aura of mystery and borderline confusion. The cybersecurity industry is a great example of such bewilderment full of perplexing ideas and exaggerated claims. At the end of the day, a security organization must be able to see through the vendor smokescreen and make intelligent purchasing decisions.


Oleg Sinitsin, Founder and CEO of Dynamite Analytics, discusses Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

In this video, I touch on common Cyber AI challenges and opportunities for adopting an effective cyber analytic solution, including:

  • Critical Aspects of AI in General
    • Human decision support as a key AI function
    • Differences between machine and human analytics
    • AI accuracy concerns and lack of transparency
  • Foundations of Cyber AI Systems
    • Thinking like an attacker
    • Classification of adversarial behavior
    • Attack vectors and analytic components
  • Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)
    • DynamiteNSM, the open-source project for NTA
    • Community engagement with researchers and academia
    • Cyber defense maturity and proactive analysis

Dynamite Agent for AWS

Dynamite Agent from Dynamite Analytics enables Network Detection and Response capabilities for AWS cloud environments. NDR alerts and metadata represent the ground truth of network activity and allow detection of highly sophisticated cyber threats. By strategically deploying Dynamite Agents in AWS environments, organizations can perform in-depth traffic analysis of their network segments and valuable assets.

Dynamite Agent is available on AWS Marketplace on a pay-as-you-go plan with a 15-day trial and free consultation from Dynamite Analytics.