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Cloud-native network detection & response (NDR). The power of Zeek/Bro & Suricata in one package. Works with your SIEM/SOAR/ELK.

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Network Detection & Response (NDR) is no longer optional:

  • Equip your cyber operators with a deep understanding of your network environment.
  • Make rapid, informed decisions based on the ground-truth of network traffic analysis.
  • Quickly mitigate cyber threats based on comprehensive, actionable insights.

Better Understanding Leads to Better Decision Making

Enterprise security breaches continue to demonstrate a lack of network visibility and understanding of the operating environment, making it harder to reveal adversarial actions on the network even when those actions unfold over weeks or months.

Analysts struggle to identify relationships between multiple pieces of evidence and understand observed behaviors in context, greatly slowing down the decision-making process.

Dynamite Agent for AWS

  • Best-in-class network traffic inspection is now available for your Cloud Security. Dynamite Agent combines Zeek/Bro and Suricata in a purpose-built NDR sensor for the cloud.
  • We have made complex technology simple for deployment and integration with your Cloud SecOps process and tools.

Dynamite provides answers to the critical cybersecurity and network management questions:

  • What is running on my network?
    Fingerprints of computers, BYOD and IoT.
  • What is happening on my network?
    Network conversations and behavior artifacts.
  • Where are threats and problems on my network?
    Threat detection and troubleshooting.

Featured Webinar:

Packet Acquisition in the Cloud

NDR starts with traffic inspection by a network sensor, such as Dynamite Agent. Placement, deployment and configuration of network sensors can get complicated based on network type, size and architecture.

This webinar delivers an overview of common packet acquisition options with an emphasis on AWS cloud.

Dive below the surface to find what you’re missing.

Featured Product:


DynamiteNSM is an open-source Network Security Monitor (NSM) that provides cybersecurity operators with holistic insights into their networks while giving them the ability to deep-dive into lower-level activities.

Featured Video:

What Is Network Metadata?

One of the most common questions we hear is about the information we collect. The answer is network metadata.

This blog post describes the types of metadata and its importance for cybersecurity.